Great Pizza in Rochester for 30+ Years!

Zadeos Pizza has been bringing hot, delicious pizza to the Rochester, MN area since our founders, Dick and Maxine, first opened the doors in 1986. Now in our third generation of family-ownership, we follow the same business model Dick and Maxine developed, which is to create the best pizza you’ll ever eat. We’re proud to be family-owned and operated and small-town friendly. While we’ve made upgrades to our building and equipment and added a few things to our menu, we’ve stuck with the things that matter. You can dine-in with us, order pizza for carryout, or let us deliver to you!

Delicious Pizza Every Time

Great pizzas come from great beginnings. Ours start with a crust that’s made from wheat-based flour and made right here in our kitchen each day. While pre-made frozen dough might save time, we believe it comes at a cost to quality. We developed our own recipes, which give our specialty pizzas a one-of-a-kind flavor you won’t find anywhere else. Our pies are made from the freshest ingredients available; we don’t skimp on toppings; we charge budget-friendly prices; and we deliver them with a smile!

How We Got Our Name

We’re often asked how Zadeos Pizza got its name. No, it isn’t named after Uncle Zadeo! The real story is that when we opened there was a video rental shop located next door to our pizzeria. As a way to enhance both businesses, we offered to deliver both pizza and videos to our customers, which meant they didn’t have to go out of the house on movie night! We took the last two letters of “pizza” and the last four letters of “videos,” and christened our pizzeria “Zadeos!” Of course, just as “Video Killed the Radio Star,” technology killed the video store. While we no longer deliver VHS tapes or DVDs, we’re still making and delivering the best pizza in Rochester!

3 Generations Welcome You to Zadeos!

Grandparents-Dick and Maxine
Parents-Steve and Terri
Kids-Jeff and Alyssa